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DFOS (Digital Factory Operating System) is a powerful combination of BPM, RPA, IIOT & AI. It solves the complexity of legacy systems like ERP, SCADA, MES & saves a huge pile of money spent on constant incremental changes required in these systems. DFOS enables the decision-makers with live business updates on production, rejection, loss prediction & MTT (Mean Time to Act) for a specific problem.


Their OEE was being recorded manually, they were not accessible in real-time and the reliability was low.


Building a Cross-Platform Web, Mobile App & 3D Model. For the hardware system, we use counting sensors to monitor input and output quantity of each product. In addition, we also extract error signals and decode them from the control PLCs of each machine to recognize specific causes of engines stopped. The sensor signals sent back, will be protocol converted and processed by the management software. Then, data visualization displayed on production performance with a cross-platform and user-friendly interface.

Productivity monitor provides an overview of the current condition of the wireproduction line with three-color:


Managers monitor the production status of the factory anywhere and receive quickly notifications when having a problem.

Visualize production data to provide options to improve factory performance.

Identify the causes of reduce the performance, quickly discover “top loss” – big errors that cause engines stopped.

Key features

Digital Factory Operating System is built based on 2 main components:

Integrated hardware and management software, with the following key features:

  • Manage production plans and SKUs
  • Record the loss of time
  • Record the speed of production
  • Calculate performance and OEE
  • Recorde the loss of materials and packaging.
  • Minutes of repair and damage analysis
  • Productivity Monitor
  • Report and analysis

Modern Trade Channel

  • Customers are retail businesses (consumer goods) that have many difficulties in synchronizing and managing information of their sales channels to optimize costs and profitability. They desire to have a Centralized management system; Their requirements are a full management system from products, warehouses, customers, promotions, the sales capacity of their team,… in a flexible and simple way on the web/app platform.
  • DigiSale InstaShelf: Manage product information on the store’s shelves, evaluate indicators through AI technology.
  • DigiSale Activation: Marketing team management application; Users can interact through challenges at product launch booths

Store Channel

  • DigiSale POS: Sales management application at POS and stores. It integrate with online sales channels.

Online Channel

  • DigiSale Online: Sales Channel Integration Platform.

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