Modern Life Technology

Providing solutions and technology products for modern life. Comprehensive in many fields of the life.

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Software Development

Using contemporary blockchain technology solutions, to unlock the potential. and network

Satellite Equipment

MLTECH is one of the leading units in Vietnam in installing satellite communication equipment and IT solutions for oceanic vessels.

Modern Life Robotic

Robot services, AI, Chatbot, solar clean robot are some field of our strength.

Electronic Circuit Design

A strong team and much experiences in design circuits, embedded system, SMT, and programing in many applications.

Mechanical Engineering

MLTech is one of the leading units in integrated solutions from electronics, programming to mechanical design offering flexible solutions.

Building Management

Mparking have many experiences in Building Management Systems that provide intergration for whole building (Smart parking, Elevator managements, CCTV, PA,)...

ML Tech Ecosystem

MLTECH has a diverse and comprehensive ecosystem in many technology fields

MLTech Soft

Software development

Providing digital transformation solutions for businesses.

Nha Trang Electronics

Circuit design, embedded system solutions. Provide solutions for embedded system design Manufacture of electronic circuits.


Provide smart building management solutions. Smart parking. Access management.

Laser NTN

Precision mechanical design and processing. Producing wooden boxes and processing handmade products.


Satellite Marine Solutions. Solutions for communication systems, on-board network systems for a vessel.


Vietnamese IOT Solutions. Provide IoT solutions to optimize the process of providing solutions and products.

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We transform bold business ideas into exceptional digital products.

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