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Golf app is a 3-in-1 application, connecting students with the golf place and teachers, optimizing the travel distance to the training ground based on GPS positioning, helping students quickly find the training ground and the teacher flexibly according to their needs.

  • Ability to assign permissions to specific users with corresponding functions
  • Suggest a training ground near the user’s location to help optimize the travel distance
  • Diverse payment methods (payment gateway, e-wallet,…) make it convenient to pay for the course
  • Interaction between students and coaches through the messaging function


  • Coaches want to have a professional and methodical personal branding channel through a platform that connects students to their golf courses created on it.
  • Manage large number of users.
  • Integrated electronic payment gateway.


We built a 3-in-1 app (student, coach, and admin) that allows learners to actively choose the right coach for their learning goals. The application is highly interactive and transparent, ensuring the quality of teaching and the interests of students and coaches. The platform will be like a Google map of golf locations, users can systematically and efficiently search for training courses near them.


The UX/UI of the platform is attractive to the end user

Create convenience and ease for students wishing to register for the course and choose the training ground by location

Increase the level of interaction of students and coaches through messaging functions, playing games, participating in exclusive events

Increase sales (courses is sold) for businesses

Key features


  • Participate golf courses: Learners actively choose a coach to choose from courses at different levels and languages ​​in addition to a variety of study locations.
  • Select a golf place (Show a list of the golf places on the map, suggest “Recommend near me” through GPS positioning).
  • Interaction with the coach: Students interact directly with the coach through the application during the learning process (messaging, evaluating the coach)
  • Participate in events: The opportunity to participate in various Golf events exclusively for students is introduced through the application (Only students have the right to interact with these events).



  • Coach approves course registration requirements (time and location).
  • The coach monitors the progress and gives students grades after each course
  • Ranking of coaches through student evaluation (total evaluation scores of all students), sorted in descending order.


  • Decentralize the objects using the app
  • Manage information, number of students, coaches – courses, training ground on the app
  • Manage student’s score, coach level
  • Manage electronic payment gateway (if any) or payment information (form)
  • Manage events
  • Manage student evaluations for coaches (if any)
  • Create games and invite students to play games
  • Manage notifications
  • Statistics and reports (amount of students, coachs, sales,…)

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