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CMS stands for content management system which are the backbone of all the websites you know and love, and for good reason: they allow authors to create, publish, and edit articles in the same way that they would in a text editor. Our cloud-based digital publishing system offers publishers of all sizes content management for stories, photos, galleries, podcasts, and videos with multi-channel output to web, print and social media.


  • Integrate 2 separate processes in publishing and grading royalties into one streamlined process

  • Our customer request to operate newspaper website within 1 month


  • Website for readers: built with user-friendly interface, familiar layout and accessible from anywhere via networked devices with reader modules such as logging in, searching for information, filtering information, interacting with information,…

  • Management system for newsrooms: providing functions suitable for newsrooms such as managing the publishing process, including reviewing news articles and grading royalties; article management; the administrator has the function of assigning permissions to other users; the ability to make statistics, support monitoring and decision-making based on readers’ visits to the website, helping the entire editorial improve the quality of news articles and reach more and more readers.
  • Optimal interface on all devices



UI/UX friendly with end-users

Satisfy the requirements of the newspaper website for readers to operate after 1 month of development

Get the trust of customers and continue to develop the management system

Page loading speed is fast, meeting our customer requirements

Key features

Newspaper website for readers includes the following outstanding functions:


  • News reading function: News, Hot news
  • Live video
  • Personalization with account information management, search engines and filters

Management system for newsrooms:

  • Manage users and user groups
  • Manage the publishing process and royalties
  • Manage category system
  • Support composing news articles
  • Manage the focus newsgroup on the main interface
  • Manage stream of hot events
  • Electronic library management (video, image, files,…)
  • Support to interact with readers
  • Search engine optimization support


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