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The Smart Water Management system is built and operated on a website platform, accessible from anywhere via network-connected devices, the implementation of more efficiency, the water and energy nexus, as well as the water loss control by the best pressure management and smart device implementation, would conduct a sustainable water sector.


  • Our customer want this app to be available both as web-based and mobile platforms and compatible with popular smart devices (iOS, Android)
  • Working with complex data requires the flexibility of engineers to solve the problems involved.
  • In terms of system administration, users need to be decentralized based on region and role function.
  • The system must be able to operate and update data continuously 24 hours.
  • Built in the direction of data visualization through chart images, making it easy for end users to observe and monitor the status of the entire system. It also provides comprehensive system visualization and comparison reports to help identify and fix possible device problems.
  • The solution provides functions for comprehensive management of objects: Area, Water meter, Transmission equipment.



The smart water management system model is built and operated on the website platform accessible from anywhere via network-connected devices. High-tech solutions for the water industry including digital meters and sensors, monitoring control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), and geographic information systems (GIS).




Some of the main advantages of smart water management are a better understanding of the water system, detection of leaks, conservation, and monitoring of water quality.

The implementation of smart water system technologies enables public services companies to build a complete database for the identification of the areas where water losses or illegal connections occur.

The wireless data transmission allows the customers to analyze their water consumption towards preserving and reducing the water bill

DigiSale stands out with the following key functions:

General Trade Channel

  • DigiSale DMS: Distribution management software with product management functions; customers; salesperson; monitoring the location and sales roadmap; sales line management; orders; inventory (import and export report); sales capacity reports.
  • DigiShop: The ordering app is for groceries, interacting directly to brands without going through salers.

Modern Trade Channel

  • Customers are retail businesses (consumer goods) that have many difficulties in synchronizing and managing information of their sales channels to optimize costs and profitability. They desire to have a Centralized management system; Their requirements are a full management system from products, warehouses, customers, promotions, the sales capacity of their team,… in a flexible and simple way on the web/app platform.
  • DigiSale InstaShelf: Manage product information on the store’s shelves, evaluate indicators through AI technology.
  • DigiSale Activation: Marketing team management application; Users can interact through challenges at product launch booths

Store Channel

  • DigiSale POS: Sales management application at POS and stores. It integrate with online sales channels.

Online Channel

  • DigiSale Online: Sales Channel Integration Platform.

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