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In digital world, protecting your intellectual property, making sure you get paid, dealing with disputes, and even simply sending your work to a client all present a variety of challenges to businesses. Vleppo solves all of these issues in one fully integrated, cost-effective, and simple-to-use Blockchain application without making you feel like you’re using Blockchain.

  • Contract Management System (CMS)​
  • Secure File Transfers
  • Secure IP Management


Businesses encounter issues, with establishing commercially enforceable contracts, ensuring payment for services, managing disputes, protecting trade secrets, and transferring digital information safely and securely. There are solutions in the market for these issues ,however they are not integrated and are not available from one provider.

  • New Blockchain software development technology
  • Complicated development.
  • Robust Blockchain technology necessitates substantial study and subject expertise
  • A tight deadline


  • Vleppo has used Blockchain Technology to create a new sort of contract that is legally enforceable as well as executable machine.
  • Vleppo has solved this problem by developing a fully integrated Contract Management, File Transfer and Blockchain Notarization system all available in one application. This enables an individual or business to be able to contract, make payments, resolve disputes, protect IP and transfer files with their clients with its easy to use and Blockchain secured application.


Proactively solve various complex blockchain development problems

The product was successully released.

Vleppo gives you an easy to use, innovative, and cost-efficient way to manage your contracts.

Key features

Contract Management System (CMS)

All the standard features of a CMS (e-signature, document editor etc.) in addition to the below Blockchain enabled functions

  • Escrow: Managing counterparty credit risk
  • Dispute Management: Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Milestone Contract Management: Ability to agree and schedule milestone payments
  • Contingency Risk Management: Ability for parties to Master Contracts to monitor disputes occurring in Sub-contracts and manage risks in real time (particularly useful in complex construction and software development contracts)

Blockchain Secured (P2P) File Transfer

They are experts in utilizing blockchain technology, and a very interesting use case is in support Peer 2 Peer (P2P) File Transfer.

  • Transfer files, without having to be concerned with file size or type limitations.

Customized Blockchain.

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